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Under the "Tidy Plates_Grey" folder, you'll find another folder, "Tidy Plates_Grey Extension" 2.

To use it, begin by moving that folder up to your Addons folder 3.

If you still want to play them make sure you make a copy of your 3.3.5 client. You delete the Cache files inside the en US folder not the entire folder itself.

Then update your old one.*** You will have to wait a little longer for Cataclysm Private servers. The files you are talking about is the files contained under Data/en US (All the .

so i recentl (last week) ran out of game time decided not to renew b/c of where im at finacially, i thought about playing the FTP till lvl 20 version but then discovered private servers, sounds fun right!

Working perfectly, no bugs, and there are instant level 80 pvp realm and blizzlike realm and 10x pvp/pve realm and BEST FUN REALM EVER "REMORSE" 255Help!

If so, it will display the person who has pulled aggro (Target of).

3) Tick the “Use Orbweaver Add On For World of Warcraft” option.

4) At the “Location of Wow Game File”, click on “folder” icon and browse to the location of the Wo W executable file (Wow-64.exe).

When the service initially launched with Diablo in November 30, 1996, offered only a few basic services like chatting and game listings.

Players could connect to the service, talk with other gamers and join multiplayer games of Diablo.

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Erase everything from it and insert the new one for the private server you registered for. also it have 6 realms...5 realms are 3.3.5a and 1 is 4.3.4...

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