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March 2006: Kate, without William, is invited into the Royal Box at the Cheltenham Gold Cup.Also there is the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.June 2003: Kate attends William's 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle.• The Prince insists in an interview to mark his birthday that he does not have a steady girlfriend.September 2003: William, Kate and their two flatmates move into a cottage in the third year.I mean, he’s not wrapped around my finger and I don’t have my every whim catered to by him, but I know he would do whatever he could for me. That’s someone that hates their own race and might possibly swap out for another one, right?We’ve had our differences, like any parent and child will, but I love him and he loves me. Actually, I’ve had no problems being White…quite the contrary, admittedly. They’ve received a false impression of me that won’t be altered, so it’s best just to move on.It’s frustrating to feel constantly challenged on something that shouldn’t matter to anyone but me.

May 2006: William and Kate attend the wedding of the Prince's stepsister Laura Parker Bowles together.In his will, he left the bulk of his possessions to his eldest daughter, Susanna.Though entitled to a third of his estate, little seems to have gone to his wife, Anne, whom he bequeathed his "second-best bed." This has drawn speculation that she had fallen out of favor, or that the couple was not close.Tradition has it that William Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday, April 23, 1616, though many scholars believe this is a myth.Church records show he was interred at Trinity Church on April 25, 1616.

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  1. ) to the strains of Banks’ lusty “Waiting Game,” Jean muses: “There’s one force more powerful than free will: our desires.” (It’s no surprise that But Jean is married with kids, and her indiscretions start to catch up to her.