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Shuffle alley dating

*** This article is a follow up to The Mongolian Visa Run, an article I thought was so awesome, that I wanted to do one just like it for people who don’t want to go to godforsaken Mongolia.So, here's: The Easiest Shenzhen Visa Run Ever – A Guide to Spending as Little Time as Possible in Limbo Most of us Chineseily-challenged folks are familiar with the epic headache of leaving the country for a new visa.

Tommy didn’t want to gamble and tried to make second date plans with Vanessa right away, but when she said “bye” on their first date, she meant it. • Episode #171 – Jasmine / Ben Jasmine met Ben at a mutual friend’s Christmas party, and their first official date was a bold one – New Year’s Eve. this wouldn’t be an episode of Blown Off, now would it?! • Episode #167 – Lee / Lindsay Lee thought that his dinner date with Lindsay when awesome! • Episode #166 – Allen / Samantha Allen met Samantha online, and took her out for some drinks…or was it more like some draaaaaaanks?!

I spent lots time in Kellys Shamrock sipping shirly temples playing the pin ball and shuffle alley watching the off duty cops and fireman playing euchre until it was time to go home for dinner.

Does anybody remember the great summer picnics at the Salesian School grounds ?

Winter is a desolate landscape, and you can only go on so many indoor Tinder dates before the monotony sets in.

Fortunately, our temperate springs and summers are just about back, which means that it's time to take full advantage of the iceless outdoors with your potential soulmate (or, like, whoever) in tow.

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I've been to Hong Kong six times in twelve years, and sadly, only two of those trips were for fun. Just two weeks ago, however, I successfully executed my fastest, easiest, most productive visa trip ever -- 24 hours, 5000rmb all-in, and I've got a brand new multiple-entry F-visa in my passport -- and so I've put this together as a (bit of a) guide for how it's done.