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There will be a 20 minute bar break half way through the night.

The event will finish around 10pm, feel free to stay on for another drink and chat some more if you wish.

Production diminished throughout the 1950’s, the model’s swansong occurring in 1963 when Sunderland Corporation surprised everyone by taking three updated 33ft. T rally at Seaburn, which is to the north of Sunderland, so no doubt the bus would have been used on services in the area at some time during its working life.

Stephen Harris's chilled tomato soup (2-4 portions) INGREDIENTS 5 large ripe tomatoes, about 1kg (I use Marmande; you can use any variety, even cherry tomatoes, to the equivalent weight) 1 tbsp olive oil 150g clotted cream or crème fraîche Pesto, cream or extra-virgin olive oil to serve METHOD Cut the tomatoes roughly into quarters (halved if using smaller tomatoes) and place in a blender.

found itself unable to continue buying its favourite make of chassis (due to the manufacturer falling under state-owned BTC ownership and only able to supply to other similarly owned companies), NWRCC management, not to be outdone, sought the services of the independent truck maker Atkinson Lorries (1933) Ltd.

of Walton-le-Dale to produce an equivalent to the underfloor-engined Bristol LS model which they would no doubt have otherwise purchased.

This photo must be immediately after Sheffield Corporation took over the business of Barlow & Fisher in 1933 as it is outside the Corporation’s Bramall Lane garage but still showing Barlow & Fisher as legal owner. I wonder where it went and why its stays at Mason and again at Sheffield were so short?

Turn the heat down slightly so that the soup is still boiling rapidly, but not as fiercely.At this stage you are just removing as much water as possible.Carry on for a minute or two until you can see the soup start to thicken as it loses moisture – you might need longer if your tomatoes are especially juicy.Blitz until they turn to liquid, adding five pinches of salt – about one minute of blitzing should be enough.Meanwhile, heat a large frying pan until it is almost smoking hot.

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At the same time a lightweight version was offered.

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