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Neighbours of the family pursued the gunmen, only to discover the victim’s dismembered body, Sky reported.More than 20 albino people have been killed in Burundi since 2008, with the last case being in 2012.In calculating the HDI value, GNI per capita is capped at ,000.f. Estimated using the purchasing power parity (PPP) rate and projected growth rate of Switzerland.j.Estimated using the PPP rate and projected growth rate of Spain.k. HDRO estimate based on data from World Bank (2016a) and United Nations Statistics Division (2016a).m.The 1994 genocide in Rwanda shocked the world, but it was hardly the first expression of ethnic violence to further political aims in either Rwanda or Burundi.

It also rejected the deployment of AU monitors and declined to consent to a 5,000-person AU civilian protection force and 220 unarmed UN police observers.

There is also an upward trend in the discovery of dead bodies, including 22 that were discovered in January alone.

Many of these violations have been blamed on the , a youth militia sponsored by the ruling CNDD-FDD party that operates outside the military chain of command and an increasingly central instrument to the regime’s power.

Updated by HDRO based on data from ICF Macro Demographic and Health Surveys for 2006-2015.p.

Based on a cross-country regression and the projected growth rate from UNECLAC (2016).q.

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